It has been one year since I wrote my last blog.  There have been several factors that have kept me busy, like my kids, yoga and work, but there was something much larger that got in the way.  I got annoyed with myself.  Yes, I admit it!  My blog posts were starting to sound like this perfect person whom I had never met.  Have you ever noticed how Facebook and other social media outlets can seem that way?  It is so easy to share all of the seemingly-perfect parts of our lives, but we often choose to keep the rest to ourselves.

Yes, I am a motivator and activist.  I do like to call people out on their excuses for damaging themselves and the environment.  With that being said, I am also a very real person.  I see people make comments like, “You are the best mom ever,” or “I want to be just like you,” and I wonder, if they really knew me would that feel that way?  The truth is I am a normal girl.  I struggle to be patient with my kids and by 6pm I am praying for bedtime.  I go to great lengths to give them a good life, but no more than any of the moms I know.  I struggle to have a healthy body image and I feel tired and unmotivated often.  I limit my time on Facebook because I often find myself feeling inadequate.  Most days I wear stretch pants and tank tops and if you see me wearing anything else I can guarantee you I am counting down the seconds until I can change.

As a first-time mom it was very easy for me to make huge assumptions, like thinking my kids would always follow my influence and embrace my healthy lifestyle.  At times this has been true for me, but it is a bumpy road that quickly shattered that perfect picture I once had.  When I had one infant I thought things were hard, but in retrospect I realize how much time I really had to myself.  Naptime came often and even if baby was awake he wasn’t going anywhere!  Times have changed; now that I have a 3-year old and a 1-year old I see what it is really like to have ZERO time to myself.  I rarely have time for the cheesy paragraph-long status updates on Facebook about how much I love being a mom, although I am sorry to those of you who have to read them because they still happen occasionally. Embarassed

imageSo as I reintroduce my blog I am introducing a new side of myself.  I want to do what I have always done but this time around I want to include an element of reality and truth that has been missing in the past.  So please don’t be worried about me if I feel the need to curse, or if I tell you to bribe your kids with cookies.  I hope you can relate to the struggles and challenges I share on my journey to living a healthier life!

P.S.–Stay tuned for more yoga tutorials and quick workouts Wink

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