DHA Infant VegFrom the day I brought my boys home from the hospital they have been getting supercharged nutrition!  I add a DHA supplement in their bottle of breast milk, formula, cereal or baby food every single day.  Made exclusively from microalgae, nature’s original source of marine omega-3s, Nordic Naturals Baby’s DHA Vegetarian is formulated for the specific omega-3 nutritional needs of infants, and is a safe, effective way to ensure that babies get the DHA they need for healthy development.

  • 100 % vegetarian source of marine omega-3s
  • Measured dropper for easy addition to formula or food
  • Supports healthy brain, vision, and nervous system function*
  • Non-GMO and hexane free
  • Easy-to-follow directions for dosage based on baby’s weight
Body Weight   Dose
5–10 lb   0.5 mL
11–20 lb   1.0 mL
21–25 lb   1.5 mL
26–35 lb   2.0 mL


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